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About Us

Common Ground is our 501c-3, non-profit organization focused on "meeting people where they are and making a difference in their lives".

We do that through:

Special Events
Public Speaking and

We've raised funds to feed the hungry locally and globally and help families who had an ill parent who couldn't provide for their needs.

We've mentored youth and teens through those wonky years - bringing love and wisdom - and guiding them toward self-leadership and empowered living.

We've counseled couples working through trust and fidelity issues, so that they can heal - not only between each other, but from past issues that get triggered in the current events - so that they can make the best choices, moving forward, from a whole and healing place.

We've provided support to local communities through workshops and global communities through podcasts, health summits, and social media communities focused on autoimmune dis-eases. We work to help people find their inner strength while they're healing and also to examine the emotional and mental roots behind physical dis-ease.

Our book audience is world-wide and we've traveled to speaking engagements all over the US and Canada, and now into Europe to meet with people and bring live training and workshops.

Our messages are delivered at community events, churches, synagogues, We are inclusive and focused on the power that exists in love and an honest journey through the three main mediums: Love, Humor and Truth.

Love is our identity and our destiny.
Humor makes the rough edges of life, smooth.
Truth sets us free.

Our heart is to encourage and leave people inspired to know that "Anything is possible in Love."

Here are a few of the charities we've supported through Common Ground:

- Harvest of Hope - Garden events, with handmade and donated recycled pieces of art, education workshops and farm-to-table dinners, with proceeds supporting local food banks and global food needs.

- ASAP, which provides seeds and drip water systems to people in Zimbabwe.

- Savannah's Organic Ranch, an organization that helps schools build organic gardens, fulfilling the dream of 8 year-old Savannah who passed away from cancer, that every school should have an organic garden.

- Boys Hope, Girls Hope, is a home for foster teens. Proceeds from our garden event were utilized so that Irene Dunlap and Beth Prizer could create a healing sanctuary in the outdoor living environment for the teens.

- Orange County Food Access Coalition, which helps local charities improve their quality and effectiveness as they serve the food-challenged here in Orange County, CA.

- Second Harvest Food Bank - Providing honest stories for their media presentation at Segerstrom Hall in Southern California, where they raise millions of dollars to provide for the various food banks in Orange County.

*Our current efforts are going toward traveling to give workshops to women with Hashimoto's and other autoimmune conditions. Many of these women have spent much of their limited resources and energy on efforts that have not yet worked. We are committed to bringing both spiritual healing and inspiration, as well as practical guidance to these women through our book and events.

We welcome your donations and underwriting. Please donate here.

To inquire toward the specific ways you might help our specific needs, please contact us:

"The power of a story." ~ Stacey Robbins