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Since we are loved,
and created by Love
we care for our body
with love.

Though, for many of us there is a breakdown in that understanding -- and self-honoring care goes out the window.

Inflammatory foods.
Toxic relationships.

Whether it's from a past abuse, or a dis-ease, we have noticed that many deal with a disconnection from their body. Issues of self-worth, self-rejection and not feeling safe within the boundaries of our being affect the way we care for ourselves.

At Common Ground, we are committed to people living in honoring and loving ways - healing the habits self-abuse that come from not valuing who we are or this life we've been given. We help people get back in touch with their Divine value and purpose. The light returns to their life as they get reacquainted with their Source within.

In addition to intuitive and experiential counsel, we provide guidance on practical and spiritual rhythms of self-care, while healing from the ideas of unworthiness is occurring.

As we heal to ourselves - and our Divine worth - we heal to each other

and live healthier in community.

"The power of a story." ~ Stacey Robbins