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We're just real people who have experienced a lot of life
in remarkable and great ways -
and challenging ways that ended up with great lessons.

Whether it was marriage breakdowns
financial bumps
anxiety issues
or health situations

we made a commitment:

To not only go through it
but to share the wisdoms and journey with others going through it, too.

To heal and bring healing.
So much of the suffering we go through is made less
when people know

They are not alone.

And that the hard circumstances
can become our greatest opportunities
to learn,
and heal.

We end up wiser,
more peaceful
and more connected

not only to others
but to ourselves.

Because, here's the thing:

If we don't love who we are
and have that as a stabilizing force in our life

We can get really thrown by the things that happen.

We know that
first hand.

Through sharing our stories
and having powerful conversations

People re-enter their life
feeling more centered
and living more 'whole.'

That's why we do what we do.

Because people are Divine,
made of 'star-stuff'
and they matter...

and sometimes
they just need to be reminded of how much.

We're all on a journey
and we believe that anything is possible in Love.

Welcome to Common Ground.

Anything is possible in love.