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You live who you think you are....

So much of our life is defined by how we perceive ourselves. When we shift our understanding to the belief that we are loved and valuable, our thoughts change from negative to positive, from despairing to hopeful, from what is 'impossible' to what is possible...

From fear to love.

When we talk about the mind, we are also talking about working in harmony with the heart -- the part of us that feels and perceives deeply and is passionate.

When we don't trust ourselves, we tend to live an imbalance of the mind and heart: Either so head-heavy and reasonable that we live dispassionately in protection-mode so that no one will hurt us. Or we live in the deluge of feelings and emotions (but without reason) that we are crippled and a victim to ourselves -- perpetuating the belief that we're 'unworthy' to have the life and relationships that we really long for.

At common ground we challenge conventional thinking that isn't working for us -- by creating an atmosphere where you can 'notice' it -- and we re-'mind' us toward simple wisdoms and peaceful choices. When we trust in ourselves, we are extending to ourselves the kind of trust that Source has extended to us. We stop striving, stressing and performing. Life is richer. More productive. Purposeful. Satisfying.

and Peace-full.

"The power of a story." ~ Stacey Robbins